The Annapolis Short Line Steam Train crosses the Severn River Bridge towards Baltimore.
Looking towards the South Shore. The Naval Academy can be seen in the top left corner.
Annapolis, Maryland. Circa 1905. Source: Jacques Kelly Collection.

Baltimore & Annapolis Railroad - 7 - Copy.jpg

Baltimore & Annapolis Railroad Car #102
Camden Station, Baltimore, Maryland. Circa 1940's.
Source: Hugh Hayes Collection.

Baltimore & Annapolis Railroad

In 1887 the Annapolis & Baltimore Short Line opened with Steam Engines. In 1908 the line was Electrified by the Maryland Electric Railway Company. In 1921 the Short Line was merged into the Washington, Baltimore & Annapolis Railroad. In 1935 the Washington, Baltimore & Annapolis Railroad went bankrupt and was sold at public auction on the courthouse lawn in Annapolis, bondholders of the old Short Line bought it back, reorganized it as the Baltimore and Annapolis Railroad, and continued to operate the electric cars until 1950.


1880 - "The Annapolis & Baltimore Short Line" is Chartered
1887 - "The Annapolis & Baltimore Short Line" starts operations
1892 - 
1893 - The Railroad is sold to George Burnham Jr. and reorganized as "The Baltimore & Annapolis Short Line" in 1894.
1908 - The Railroad is Electrified and changes its name to "The Maryland Electric Railways Company".

Name Changes

1880 - 1894: "The Annapolis & Baltimore Short Line"
1894 - 1908: "The Baltimore & Annapolis Short Line"
1908 - XXX: "The Maryland Electric Railways Company"
XXX- XXX: Merged into "Washington, Baltimore & Annapolis Railroad"
XXX-XXX: "The Baltimore & Annapolis Railroad"